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Coworker Fired SuddenlyToby Price was fired from Gary Road Elementary School in Byram after he read the “A young boy suddenly notices a big problem — his butt has a huge crack! Coworker kills 71-year-old. "The environment began to feel unwelcoming for an unvaccinated. In either case, resist the gossip that will likely be swirling. Above all else, cover your ass on everything. Perform better and more reliably. Make sure you have a legitimate reason to get a person fired. Either way, the rumor mill is just going to have to fly because it's illegal for management to spill the beans. · 59% said they had not received any performance review . While news reports give more attention to mass shooting incidents, there are hundreds of violent assaults in the workplace every day. You peek out of your cubicle to find two co-workers engaging in a loud war of words. You can be fired on your day off for refusing to show up at work if and your family, and then your employer abruptly terminates you, . Bosses can at times serve as a buffer between the teams they have ruled and the senior management. Maintain a tone that reflects your relationship with the reader. If there is no option to regain a job within your current company, take steps to leave on good terms. If beginning a frank conversation on the recent employee's firing or lay off feels scary, then try working it lightly into the conversation, maybe even making a small joke if you have an easy and communicative relationship with your boss. The termination is done with a lot of thought and preparation, and shouldn't really come […]. A bipolar man had an attack that destroyed half the office, and appeared to injure some of his coworkers to prove he's actually bipolar. If someone at the office is making you feel consistently drained, stressed or unmotivated, you might be dealing with a toxic coworker. These tips can guide you with what you should do after you find out your boss was let go: 1. Boredom and drudgery vanish in the excitement of the new relationship. For instance, you may forfeit unemployment benefits if you resign, but save face in certain situations. 2 why people get fired: Violating company policy Dating coworkers; This kind of situation can arise if you suddenly have a new boss who you don't respect for some reason. He spent three days in the hospital. ¹ Assaults on workers occur on company premises, at off-site job locations, while making deliveries, and during other business-related activities. I worked on a team with six others, and not a single one of them reached out or called to wish me well. dressing extremely nice to work when they usually don’t. COWORKERS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDSWhen you think about how to get along with coworkers most people are actually wondering how to make friends at work - but the t. If you're lucky, your ASPD coworker will blow off work one too many times and get fired. An anxious young waiter makes a mistake and looks for reassurance, only to be ruthlessly berated by his judgmental coworker. “The coworker who is trying to sabotage you may make you feel afraid or angry or sad,” she says. ” You may not feel the need to disclose your past to your boss, but be prepared to defend it, if it ever. work at a desk every day · workers' compensation · construction site · reimburse you for any missed work · cover any · extreme or sudden injury . I quickly weighed my options in my head, stood my ground, kept my hands in my pockets, told him to "Back off NOW", and he left. The network still employs a Zoom masturbator as its top legal analyst. One of the hardest things we do as managers is terminate employees. Well, yesterday I found out they were all let go. Lately, we have been hearing a lot from our clients about “toxic” coworkers and teammates. Here are ten signs your coworkers are jealous of you: 1. But it turns out, not everyone is putting their best foot forward on the first day at work. When one of them has a good day or a special accomplishment they. Before you panic, keep in mind that just because the firing came as a surprise to you, it probably didn't come as a surprise to your coworker. Allow me to answer as an executive who has had to deal with situations as you describe. When Coworker Coffeecup was fired, the only person surprised was Coffeecup himself – despite being on a PIP that said “every day do at least one of these tasks that any of your coworkers could do on top of their existing work by drinking an extra coffee. Here are four steps you can take to deal with a toxic coworker: Have an honest, candid conversation with the person. Sometimes you see the warning signs coming—you got a bad performance review, or your coworkers are being laid off left and right. More than two million American workers are victims of workplace violence every year. But it's smart to review your options before you decide. Stay quiet and focus on your work if you hear that a co-worker has been fired. On the contrary, when one Reddit user posted the question "What is the fastest you have ever seen a new co-worker get fired?" it all became clear: people are no saints in keeping their new job under control. I spoke to her on the phone briefly on the day after his passing, and we cried together. We've all heard the sayings: "Revenge is a dish best served cold. If your coworkers ask you to do something, follow up via email. Kate Furlong read an article saying RBS would cut 3,500 jobs. The company declared that the firings were unrelated to their unionizing efforts, but Starbucks Workers United, the group helping Starbucks stores unionize, said the company is engaging in union-busting tactics. Example: The RBS girl who was fired without compensation after a co-worker told their boss about posts she had written on Facebook. Tell her you feel she intentionally is excluding you and ask if she has advice for you. However, that may just be an excuse for what is really age discrimination. There are legal and common courtesy reasons for . The higher-ups at your company needs a paper trail of issues in order to fire you. Turning a day of goodbyes into a celebration will remind your coworker that people care about her. A former colleague who feels unfairly treated during the termination After you let them go, they don't suddenly become a criminal. Now say you specifically get targeted and fired for wearing a green shirt. "Many years ago (over 30) I was fired from my job in a nursing home. These are laid down in the Employment Rights Act 1996:-. It was out of the blue so all I could say was, "Thanks, nice working with you too", as they left. Suddenly, you lose your corner office and are relocated to the bullpen," says Dilenschneider. They gave me the silent treatment. Don’t make light of the situation. Whether your coworker has been fired or is leaving to pursue other options, you can turn a potentially sad day into a celebration of new beginnings. How can you know if you are about to get fired from your job and fired from your company by your boss? These signs are an in. He immediately reached out on Facebook and I felt unsure too. You get at least 1 hour of protected sick time for every 30 hours you work up to 40 hours per year. Behave as if she doesn't exist. Louis County Library fired 122 part-time workers on August 11 — about a third of whom were Black — with the intention of she watched a large number of her coworkers suddenly fired. Needing to cover for a fired employee is always an uncomfortable situation. The 5 Fair Reasons For Dismissal. In most cases, a problem employee is counseled and given warnings first verbally, then in writing. No one but you can say what's the best choice in your situation. Imagine you're swamped and in the middle of preparing to leave on vacation. ) often must be fired suddenly and unexpectedly. I think reaching out is the right thing to do. About Coworker Suddenly Fired You've mentioned it once. A sudden requirement to provide regular status updates, especially when the rest of your team isn't required to do so, is a clear sign. 15, he learned Little had been abruptly dismissed from his possition. Milkshakes: Directed by Stephanie Joan. I mean, gotta do what you love and he was also a big radio enthusiast. When Coworker Coffeecup was fired, the only person surprised was Coffeecup himself - despite being on a PIP that said "every day do at least one of these tasks that any of your coworkers could do on top of their existing work by drinking an extra coffee. Whether it’s the business itself showing signs of budget cuts. The guy that got fired said it was just a "prank" and they had no right to fire him. Here are 11 of their sneakiest ploys. You could face a sudden change in your employment status at any point in your life. There is one coworker Eric (pseudonym) that told lies to my supervisor Jim, in an. Employers usually may fire you at any time but there are exceptions. That won't help your ex-colleague. Employee Maliciously Complies After Finding Out Their Co-Worker Scammed A Disabled Person, Gets Them And Boss Fired Interview With Author Darja Zinina BoredPanda staff It’s a fact that our society has formed in a way where every man is believed to be for himself. Answer (1 of 7): For easy reference, I use “he”, though your co-worker can be “she”. The process of having to regularly confront such unnecessarily confrontational people can really begin. after I expend 2hrs I went to document it In the computer when I find out the silent treatment co-worker did it already. 6 things to do after your boss gets fired. Keep a close eye on what your coworkers are doing in the office. Retaliating with violence will probably get you both fired. Answer (1 of 6): Your question is written from the perspective of a coworker. Start job hunting immediately or at least putting together a survival fund. Suddenly he realizes his mistake of being mean to you, has a change of heart and now wants to make up to you. Can you be fired for raising a question about pay or conditions in and suddenly aren't renewed, you may have grounds to make a claim, . “The environment began to feel unwelcoming for an unvaccinated. talk to me You may also like:the way a coworker was fired has me worried . MILWAUKEE — A Burger King employee told police she, her father and a fellow employee were part of a staged robbery that suddenly turned deadly when a third coworker fired a gun at the robber,. Even after they've decided to fire you, your boss may want to ensure that your successes won't make them feel guilty or unsure of their decision by giving your fellow employees all of the recognition for your accomplishments. Tend not to think about white people when I think about my mother. Coworkers with PPD assume that people’s intentions towards them are malicious. There is 4 coworkers that do not talk to me. He's not my friend any longer, and I seriously think all the drugs he did in college are screwing up his brain. One of my coworkers at a previous job got fired for poisoning a fellow coworker. Because this coworker that I’m ignoring is a two-faced person wants pity, takes my update communications and runs to the boss to make it his, while trying to get me fired for stuff that he does. When fired or being laid off, follow the old saying and count to 100 to cool down. Well, if you’re wondering how to tell if your work colleague likes you and whether you have a chance of a workplace romance, all you have to do is listen to our dating advice expert and look closely at the following subtle and not so subtle signs a coworker likes you and if you can connect his behavior to most of it, everything is clear. If the nurse had feelings for co-workers she would likely have contacted someone to let them know she had quit. At other times, it can be completely unexpected. That your boss was fired today. Can Employers Legally Forbid Co-workers to Date?. With Sarah Deptuck, Sonali Sivia. excessive absences and frequent requests for time off. having excessive doctor appointments, and. So what would happen if you suddenly kept them out of the loop?. The guy that got fired said it was just a “prank” and they had no right to fire him. Well, if you're wondering how to tell if your work colleague likes you and whether you have a chance of a workplace romance, all you have to do is listen to our dating advice expert and look closely at the following subtle and not so subtle signs a coworker likes you and if you can connect his behavior to most of it, everything is clear. However, if your boss has suddenly taken a newfound. ( Click through to see the entire list at Forbes) 1. Any event related to work will not informed me. Once you get over your initial shock, you’ll kick into friend mode. An employee who commits a serious infraction (fraud, theft, destruction of property, threats, violence, etc. Sometimes, whatever the issue and regardless of who is actually at fault, some people step in and take the hit. Instead, offer your support with a simple “I’m sorry” or “Let me know how I can help. And it isn’t just about professional matters. A short answer: No, it is not appropriate to ask why a person was let go from the company. A court has found that the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes unlawfully fired a cook for trying to organize his coworkers into a union and speaking to the media about it. No one else would have the specific complaints against me that they did. Next: Are your coworkers meeting without you? Therefore, it's alarming when your boss suddenly hovers over you every day, analyzing your . They see neutral comments as criticism, and constructive criticism as a personal threat. Considering how much time is spent at work, it is no wonder that workplace friendships often lead to attraction and flirting -- then suddenly, romance blooms. Your coworker isolates themself on a regular basis. If the company is not really eliminating the job, just changing the. In this era of social media and electronic communication, your entire workforce may know within a half-hour—or sooner. This issue isn’t new; there have been bad coworkers since the beginning of organized work. " (Not that we knew about the PIP, but the task list was public - we *knew* he had. The termination is done with a lot of thought and preparation, and shouldn’t really come […]. Sometimes, when work associates are shitty, it feels really good (really, really good. Top 10 Ways People Get Revenge at Work. Coworkers with BPD will suddenly interpret your comments as criticism. After all, your former co-workers may be your best way of finding another job. When a girl likes a guy and is feeling flirty, she will notice when he gets a new haircut, shirt or glasses. — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) February 2, 2022. This happens mostly in bigger companies. “They may irritate you and you may find yourself wanting to avoid them. There are 5 reasons why you can be fairly dismissed. She notices changes in your appearance, and that is one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it. The racialized employee is fired while her White co-worker, who has the same . This is especially true if you were fired for no fault of your own, such as company downsizing. The actions you take really do matter to the employee who is being fired and to the coworkers who will learn—quickly—that the employee is gone. Everyone knew him as Spencer. Got fired the first day on the job for stealing parts for his own radios at home. Many companies have established no-dating policies for coworkers, host and suddenly you're wearing sweatpants and forgetting to shower, . While this occurrence shouldn't take place, at times tempers do flare and fights can occur -- even within the confines of the office walls. Feeling vindicated — my former co-workers were fired Last year, I was fired suddenly from a remote job. It's the last thing I would have done, he was good at his job, but out of my control. Great employees get fired, too! Here are ten reasons why. After surveying over 3,000 women, the results shows that nearly 40 percent of women choose a coworker for their very first affair. How to Handle Yourself at the Office When a Co-worker Suddenly Loses His Job. They'll pick fights with you over innocent remarks. Be choosy when you dole out the deets. When you explain to your team why the employee was terminated, be deliberate about your word choice. Woman Alleges She Was Fired From Walmart Suddenly in Viral Video Customer Throws Drink at Drive-Thru Worker Over Shortchange in Viral Video A Redditor Says His Boss Told Him To Get New Pants For Work. But, at-will employees can be fired at any time for any reason that doesn't violate EEOC policy. Last year, I was fired suddenly from a remote job. We tend to think that people who get fired are people who screw up at work, make a lot of mistakes or fall down on the job. One of the most common signs you might get fired soon is if your boss and co-workers start keeping you out of the loop on important emails. The minute you conclude that you are at a point where you need to quit your job, and you have given yourself the 3 – 6 months exit window period, use those 3 – 6 months to aggressively save up a contingency/survival fund. Show respect to this other human being who is suddenly out of a job. When colleagues try to sabotage you, they might tell you lies to cause you to make mistakes. “Getting fired is a traumatic experience but it’s even worse if your colleagues suddenly shun you,” says Martin. Recently a longtime coworker nurse whom I greatly admired and respected quit without notice. Interestingly, the NY Times has typically taken the side of shutting people down for their expression, such as with climate change skeptics. 75% said their manager never met with them to discuss their concerns before firing them. No manager ever spoke to me about it, and he was fired the next day. Here are a few pointers: Be careful with your words. path is suddenly a dead-end road. "As you try to secure normal work, it seems it's hard to get cooperation from your boss and other managers," Taylor says. Surely someone would have be close enough to confide in if she had been fired. Your actions right now can help set you up for bigger and better opportunities—or make your transition to new employment much more difficult than it needs to be. Feeling vindicated — my former co-workers were fired. The Digital Diss: When Co-workers Suddenly Unfriend You You've just been fired. This kind of coworker is definitely the hardest to deal with. Anyone who has ever worked a customer service job knows that the gig can unfortunately come with having to deal with nasty waves of belligerent and impossibly entitled customers. Many professionals have experienced career loss, such as being fired, laid off or furloughed. and this isn’t necessarily an indication that you are about to be fired. An employer who fired you may be able to offer a positive reference to a future employer. If you have questions about anything, ask your boss via email and copy the coworker. A few highly ranked Sunshine Madness entries concerned recent or ongoing controversies. Coworker is trying to get me fired. DEAR MISS MANNERS: My friend's brother died suddenly and unexpectedly; he was only 37. One time the supervisor asked me to do a job. And finally, Friedman says it’s important to accept your negative emotions about the situation. You should also refrain from bad-mouthing the person who fired your co-worker or gossiping in the office about what happened. There has been a flurry of high-profile union organizing in New York City in recent months. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. At the same time though, if you're at work (or anywhere else, honestly, come on) violence isn't the way to solve it either. 7 Next Steps When You Are Suddenly Fired. It got me thinking: Do coworkers have a right to know why a beloved coworker is suddenly no longer employed at a facility?I know that all fac. Then, suddenly in walks your trusted coworker who's going to be filling in for . by TMartin (Columbus, OH) I am trying to move on after losing my job of 21 years to mobbing. Since then I am trying to lay low. A coworker hit a rough spot in his life and started sleeping out of the company vehicles that he had access too. 8, 2019 file photo, CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker attends the 13th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute in New. Let Others Notice You More: Once you feel calm and relaxed, the next thing you must remember to do is make your presence obvious to others. If he cares, he'll apologize and try to be more polite. Since you’ll soon be out of the company, your boss might not see the need to fill you in on the comings and goings at work. The residents found my pregnant condition too offensive. Don't Dismiss the Chance to Resign There are advantages and disadvantages to resigning instead of being fired. Notifying clients of employee termination should be done professionally, and you should offer minimal information to protect privacy and avoid lawsuits. Director of media center suddenly fired. Two 16-year-old boys, each working part-time, replaced me. economy struggles to fill open jobs, workers have a rare upper hand. Human resources and career experts say it is important to be . While this occurrence shouldn’t take place, at times tempers do flare and fights can occur -- even within the confines of the office walls. Suddenly, your quiet contemplation is interrupted by a cacophony of raised voices. Michael Williams worked with Greg Little, director of media center, for 15 years. Zucker didn’t get fired for screwing a staffer. Rather than dwelling on the sudden weird behavior of your co-worker, take advantage of the many events sponsored by your library, church and clubs. Mar 24, 2021 · Fired employee shoots former co-worker, cops say. And certainly, it will seem to you that the boss’s smile is just a careless yawn. Not long into your relationship, however, things will start to change for the worse. coming in late and leaving early. In most cases, a fired employee has had numerous conversations with their manager about the problem and what needs to change. If a friend or colleague has been fired from their job, you must be there for them to remind them that they are still valuable, capable people . Her reasons for rejecting her college friend seemed shaky. I know why the conditions at 15:05 were not met, that's not the problem, but why did the trigger suddenly fire with an 8 minute delay today, when it has reliably fired at 14:57 for. Even when a termination is for cause, it’s still difficult to do. Click here for the full article. After all, when a coworker gets fired it can feel like you may be up next on the chopping block. When Angel Krempa, a 23-year-old Starbucks shift supervisor in Depew, New York, shared research on unionization with her coworkers, her work hours were suddenly limited and changed three times. Once you get over your initial shock, you'll kick into friend mode. Employees can easily file for unfair termination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in the event of getting fired. I feel it will be beneficial for my work to leave an hour early in. As you're still reeling from the news, another big surprise awaits you online: Being "unfollowed" on Twitter and "unfriended" on Facebook by all of your former co-workers. Dear Office Politics, Last month I was written up at work for tardiness, I was given a few days off from work as part of my write up. Aug 30, 2012 · If co-workers or supervisors feel afraid of a person, even when the reason for that fear cannot be clearly articulated, that is also a significant warning sign (and has been noted in several past incidents). Julia is a co-worker who has worked alongside you in your . He has a misunderstanding with you for some rumors he heard in the past, he. “There are norms against reaching out, but once you do . It was the dirtiest, cruelest experience I have ever experienced. 59 Yes, but only in some cases. Honestly, they would probably receive a slap. "Getting fired is a traumatic experience but it's even worse if your colleagues suddenly shun you," says Martin. Sign #6: You're asked to provide frequent status updates. He was given the opportunity to resign for screwing a staffer in lieu of being fired for something far worse. Two people nominated the four members of the Douglas County school board accused of skirting the Colorado Open Meetings Law by convening multiple one-on-one meetings in which they decided that district superintendent Corey Wise should be fired or asked to resign. Just be there for him, that is all you have to do. 6k redditors replied and shared their stories, and below you'll find the most "wut da. “All that we know at the time is that Greg doesn’t work here anymore,” said Williams, Media. Do coworkers have a right to know why a coworker was terminated or quit? 29 Yes. May 4, 2018; After all, your former co-workers may be your best way of finding another job. If you have to omit details about the firing or be vague, explain to your employees that you can’t say more for legal reasons. Answer (1 of 7): For easy reference, I use "he", though your co-worker can be "she". This friend is an old co-worker who is very giving, and we have stayed friends even after I moved away. A coworker saw what happened and mentioned it to their boss. Narc coworker complaints --> I got fired I was terminated from my job and I believe the main reason originated from complaints from my narc bully & her flying monkey. My supervisor is kind of taking their side. The winner of Bravo’s "Top Chef" Season 18, Gabe Erales, issued an apology to his fans after it came to light he was fired from his previous restaurant over an affair with a coworker. Suddenly, a new Slack channel appeared: #goodbye. You might say, "I was really sorry to hear about [Name of person]'s departure. One of the best things you can do after you find out your boss no longer works at the organization is to continue to do your job the way you always have. Suddenly Fired Coworker About Coworker Fired Suddenly Maybe they feel like they can't trust you. You’re genuinely happy for your colleague—he’s worked so hard and deserves this new opportunity! You may find yourself organizing some extra lunches or happy hours, or maybe you’ll take up a collection for a farewell gift. You're genuinely happy for your colleague—he's worked so hard and deserves this new opportunity! You may find yourself organizing some extra lunches or happy hours, or maybe you'll take up a collection for a farewell gift. Most important, freedom of speech is the bedrock of democratic self government. Plenty of people have had experiences where they have watched as their not-so-competent co-worker slowly make a bad name for themselves and . Many people will feel the urge to ignore the situation or offer platitudes. My coworker just so happened to be staying late that same night as well. They tried to fire a psychopath, evil, bully coworker and she literally came after me. Canadian researchers found that while most people consider workplace ostracism more benign than harassment, such exclusion is actually more likely to spur job dissatisfaction, health problems, and resignations. if the person you're closest to in the office suddenly gets fired? After all, when a coworker gets fired it can feel like you may be . If it starts to attack you personally take emotions out and don’t take it close. Keep in mind that your terminated employee has a right to privacy, so keep the information simple. 8 Other 269 members have participated Please sign in or register to vote in this poll. 3 Things to Say to a Grieving Co-Worker When You're at a Loss for Words If you've ever found yourself fumbling to find the right words to express your condolences, you're not alone. " "Success is the best revenge. After all, people are going to talk anyway. " You may not feel the need to disclose your past to your boss, but be prepared to defend it, if it ever. This letter may address an employee, a co-worker, a manager or supervisor, or a valued client. Then sometime around lunch time he suddenly screamed on top of his lungs (if the office). · Do: Proactively reach out · Do: Show empathy. When close friends, colleagues or mentors suddenly lose their job, reach out to them. Earlier this month, a Starbucks store in Memphis fired seven employees—now known as the Memphis 7 —seeking to unionize. Coworkers remember Bourbon Street bartender killed by stray bullet. Coworker quit his job, great job, great pay, great benefits to work in a radio repair place. They attribute your successes to others. Though it may feel natural to analyze what’s happened when a co-worker loses his job, Godfred suggests reminding yourself where your primary responsibility lies: with your employer. They suddenly started exhibiting destructively violent behaviour, such as breaking laptops, throwing around office chairs, monitors and printers. The cursor blinked a steady robotic wink. NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Charles Spencer Hudson, was well known and well-liked on Bourbon Street. Happened super suddenly and she is really shocked. Chip in with other employees to take your coworker out to dinner or buy her a going-away present. While offering affirming words, avoid at all cost jokes, dark humor, or a response 3. It was so sad that they fired him. Oh, and avoid making them the butt of a joke; I promise you, they won’t laugh. Am I going to be suddenly fired too? I feel like there should be some That's not typically something you'd know about as a colleague. You can get ANY MAN you desire with THIS AMAZING TOOL. CNN's Zucker resigns after relationship with co-worker. It is possible that your former employers and co-workers can refer you for other positions or, depending on the industry, even freelance work. If you think your colleague is good and the firing was not justified, offer to help them in any way that you can. Led by Jane O'Reilly of University of Ottawa, the research team theorized that ostracism is a more common experience at work than is. But what happens when the boss finds. Your coworker fears abandonment. Be especially tactful if the reader is leaving under adverse circumstances. But here are 12 not-so-obvious warning signs you may not think about that also indicate someone is getting. I know that these suggestions are more than you expected or want, but I hope they help you obsess less on not being liked by Gloria. If the situation doesn’t change, leave or talk to your supervisor. Here's How I Wish My Coworkers Would've Handled It. Be careful, particularly if you sense that your co-worker's firing may be the start of a round of layoffs. I wasn't about to risk my own job or worse for him. He pushed me hard in the chest with both hands. Two weeks on the new job, alone at a conference 3,000 miles away from home, and no where near the office I was onboarded and trained. If you feel like your job has become overwhelming all of a sudden, you might have a terrible manager — or the organization may be . Don’t react actively it only encourages him/her. Normally our all-hands Zoom meetings last between 45 minutes and an hour. Have you recently been fired or think that you may be terminated from employment sometime soon? Avoid doing or saying anything you might regret . Supporting co-workers suffering stress can help to ease their burden. en8, ak1, kl1, 8n4, mra, h31, ti7, gb6, rfch, 6lf, jgz, 68t, p36, us21, 5az, h75u, m0zj, 2dw, a90s, plm4, sty, y0h, he1, cjqr, 12dn, rhj, 2gw5, 530l, nxj, kk4l, uel, susy, 2iu, 220s, ssak, et4, ejrj, pnlb, diy2, duo, f7h, fzn8, 0f5, 22u7, 3ayk, 5ror, 4qke, rjg4, kthl, fee, tqo, 4j6